I am Woman / Spoken Word Poetry

Posted by Mimby Jones Robinson on


wild spirit runs deep in my veins.

I stand here powerful, brave and strong as the wild wolves gather around me once again

I draw my sword and defend the child inside once more.

She reminds me of who I am when I forget. And I forget often .

The reflection of the past staring back innocently.

in the puddles that once tried to drown me.


Now i dance. I dance in delight in those magnificent drips  And drops that Fall down my face along the fibre of being and  like honey to my ears  they whisper

“ you are not dead yet!”

I look lovingly  into my own eyes and tell myself

“ I am a motherfucking masterpiece”

Oh how I love this wonderful. messy. life.

The hurt.. oh what an honour.

The pain.. oh what a joy.

To feel.  Is simply  extraordinary.

To really feel . love . Even if it’s not reciprocated is dining out  with transcendence in its finest suit.

You catch yourself realising this is simply a  clear reflection of me witnessing you witnessing me and

.. We.

are so fucking beautiful

It’s a moment of awe.

A perfect mirror image of my perception of you at this time.

I close my eyes and I can still feel the old Fallen bark snap crackle and Pop under my tiny, weathered feet.

I look up!

I had never seen as many stars as what I did  as a child. And now When i look up to see you my moon You remind me that my darkness is as beautiful as my light. And when you gently kiss  the sun goodnight and tuck her rays into those dark velvet sheets of the evening sky I am reminded so elegantly of the ghost of you.


And I take a vowel to you my moon that I will live as violently as the storm embraces the sea  and as gently as the dust that settles around me ...

you saw my moon.

You watched him break My heart into a thousand pieces like the finest ceramics

dropping in slow motion out of a moving plane with no paraShute but  ... Isn’t it wonderful ? that every one of  those minuute insatiable cracks is Letting that delicious golden  light in to shine shine shine.

Briefly. Gloriously. Into mine .

I am WOMAN .

And I will plant that seed of sweetness in you until it grows so wildly like an enchanting Amazon in me.

I am WOMAN and I stand strong.

like A wild tree that’s withstood the hands of time. I won’t be moved anymore  because my roots were always mine and these branches have endured more than their  brittle little twigs could ever fathom.

So I shall smell the scent of the finest roses and feast on the essence of why we are here.

To dive head first.. with  arms wide open wholeheartedly into the pain and the  love

that is the inevitable


With  Wild eyes