June Protector Of Koalas  - Hand Signed Print

June Protector Of Koalas - Hand Signed Print

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limited Edition Hand Signed Art Prints by Mimby 

🐨 June Goddess- protector of Koala’s 🐨

She breathes hope into the leaves
As Mother cries for help
A world Praying for rain
The yearning of better days “Come with me I’ll protect you” she said
I will fight for you
We watch
As the courageous
The Figures in yellow and orange risk their lives
We watch
in admiration
We Feel hopeless
But will find
Power and beauty
In the ability to
Love harder
Hold each other Tighter
To unite
For the beings lost
To nature’s Fury. *
50% of all Print sales will be donated to SA koala Rescue 


**the print image will fit onto the paper size as much possible without cropping the image. 
The size of the white border size depends on the print image.