Valentina ~ Original Painting 90 x 90 cm

Mimby Jones Robinson

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✨V A L E N T I N A ~ Wolf Goddess Original painting

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90 x 90 cm on canvas
Acrylic, ink & gold leaf on canvas

Valentina is a powerful and loyal Queen. She wears a sleeping butterfly hanging up side down at the top of her crown. This is a gentle reminder to listen to our bodies when we need to rest.A Wolf Skull sits with it’s jaw open ready to pounce while warding off negativity. The Wolf represents strengths , loyalty and trust. Two protective monarch butterflies sit lovingly on Valentina’s flowers in her crown. As Mother moon watches on the vibrant flowers bloom magnificently towards to the sky.
The lush green vines spiral in and out of the Wolf Skull to represent the inner growth achieved after going through hard times in life.

Mim 🖤



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