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Athena ~ Spirit of the Owl ~ Original Painting

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Athena ~ Spirit of the Owl 

Original Painting

Acrylic , ink , gold leaf on wood ( framed)

115 cm x 115cm

$1850 & free shipping (Aus Wide)


This powerful goddess represents courage, wisdom, knowledge and boundaries.


Athena stands tall as a majestic barn owl wraps its protective wings around her shoulders. The feathers of the owl symbolize the freedom she feels after having established strong and firm boundaries in her life to safeguard her energy.

Athena is strong.

She is wise.

She has come out the other side of the dark side of the moon with new insight.

The full moon symbolises rebirth and the gold leaf represents her divine radiance. The protective wings around her shoulders also signify Athena's role as the guardian and protector of the peace in her life.


Love Mimby