Damu Earth Goddess- Hand Signed Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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‘DAMU - Earth Mother Goddess‘

Acrylic, ink & Gold Leaf

DAMU - Earth Mother Goddess LIMITED edition (20 only )  art prints are now available to purchase . These prints are made from an original mixed media painting by Mimby Jones Robinson. 

DAMU  loving holds our planet  Earth in her healing hands.  Green pulsating energy illuminates our world while The animals rejoice, dance and revel in freedom once again. When we  sit down quietly in our own company  the hummingbirds can be heard from the treetops.  The beauty of the flowers reminds us to look around and be in this present moment. The ebb and flow of nature reminds us to lose ourselves in the dance and rhythm of life.
This beautiful painting was created to remind us to look within when we can no longer look out.

DAMU whispers to our inner child “when all of this is over ....What would you like  to do with your one precious , magnificent life? “

Wishing you all love at this crazy time !

Love Mimby