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Eponina ~ Goddess Of Horses ~ Hand Embellished Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

Regular price $150.00

Hand Embellished Art Print with ink.

Limited edition Art prints ( 20 of each size ) available in sizes :

A4 (200 x 287 mm) $150

A3  (287 x 410mm) $200

A2 (410 x 584mm) $380

A1  (584 x 831mm) $550

Eponina ~ Goddess of Horses will be available to purchase from my online store on Friday. Eponina symbolises courage and freedom. She embodies strength and power and grace as she closes her eyes while embracing and finding the answers within. In many ancient cultures, horses were gifted to emperors and kings because they are symbols of triumph and success. In Japan the horse is known as a spirit animal, a divine being, and they believed that the Gods entered the world riding them.

Horses are so incredibly majestic and powerful. They are also healing animals.

This painting essentially represents loyalty, strength and endurance.

Lots of love



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