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Lani ~ Healing Goddess 150 x 100 cm

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Lani Healing Goddess

150 x 100cm 

acrylic ink gold leaf & love 

Lani is gloriously surrounded in Gold leaf , a blue Lions , pink wise Owls , native flowers & healing powers .... ❤️

Lani is on a journey of self healing. The blue lion represents the fierceness of setting healthy boundaries. Boundaries are fucking beautiful ! They show the world what we will and will not settle for. They are a navigational tool to teach people how to treat us. The owls symbolise a deep wisdom that rests gently on our shoulders. Their wise words seep lovingly into Lani’s heart. Above Lani’s head is a butterfly with a golden key as a body. The butterfly represents the inevitable cycles of life. Within these cycles lies the key to our inner growth. Lani is holding a circular lock filled with calm ocean waters against her body. She understands that when she looks within herself that she is the only one who holds the key to her inner truth. The native flowers symbolise the earth and the joy of the grounding process that is needed for us to embark on our journey of self healing.

Love Mim

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