‘Lola Goddess ‘ Original Painting 90 x 60 cm

Mimby Jones Robinson

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‘Lola Sunset Goddess’ ~ Original Painting 
90 x 60 cm 

Gold leaf , Acrylic , ink , aerosol & love on canvas 


‘Lola Sunset Goddess ‘symbolises the end of a cycle or the conclusion of a path on a particular journey. She looks over her shoulder at the past and knows that’s exactly where it will stay… behind her. 

The sun setting is symbolic of the mystery and magic of love found between friends , lovers and family. 

Lola encourages the viewer to fall in love with simplicity of nature and life. ..like walking past flowers in full bloom,  smelling fresh rosemary from a noona’s garden or watching a fluffy dog fall asleep in a sunny grassy spot … 

There is joy to be found in the the little moments. 

Love Mimby 


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