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Saniya Leopard Goddess ~ Hand Embellished Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

Regular price $101.00

Fine Art Limited Edition Gilclée Art Prints. These beauties are hand embellished with gold leaf, ink and printed on 100% Cotton Rag 308gsm.

Limited edition Art prints ( 20 of each size ) available in sizes :

A4 (200 x 287 mm) $150

A3  (287 x 410mm) $200

A2 (410 x 584mm) $380

A1  (584 x 831mm) $550

✨Saniya Leopard Goddess Art Prints ✨

This painting will be heading to her forever home in South Australia tomorrow. Thank you Anna from Adelaide for connecting with the Powerful Leopard Queen.

Leopards symbolize strength, power, courage, and determination. Saniya leads her life with her eyes, ears and heart open.

In Egyptian iconography and temples it was the leopard skin that was associated with royalty. It was a leopard-clad goddess that was known for important intellectual and spiritual teachings.

Saniya wears a winged deer skull on her frown. The deer skull symbolises regrowth , rebirth,strength and balance. They also represent learning and staying curious as the antlers resemble a tree reaching for the skies.

Saniya Leopard Goddess is a protector of the wild hearted woman ✨

Love Mim


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