Water Goddess Wall Mural

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Water Goddess Wall Mural

Location : The Old Bank Building

Millicent, South Australia

Introducing the Water Goddess : a stunning mega mural that I created over two weeks in the beautiful town of Millicent. This mural was featured in the South Australian Magazine and is one of my favourites. She is incredibly special to me because of the incredible experience I had while creating it.

The mural features a vibrant rainbow colour design on the top combined with a water goddess with blue hair symbolising the importance of water and its connection to life. The mural also incorporates leaves blowing around the water creating a beautiful and serene scene.

One of the unique elements of this mural is the incorporation of the environment around it. The tree in front of the building and it’s  leaves were used as inspiration. The mural give the illusion of the leaves blowing from the trees creating a seamless and beautiful transition between the mural and the external environment.

The mural also features butterfly wings painted for locals to interact with and take photos in front of. Butterflies are painted  flying up the side of the building adding an extra element of beauty and magic to the piece.

During the two weeks that I spent painting this mural I had the pleasure of getting to know the locals in Millicent who were all incredibly kind and lovely. It was an honour to create a wall mural that would be a part of their community and contribute to the beauty of their amazing town.

If you're ever in the Millicent area I highly recommend checking out the Water Goddess mural and taking a photo with the stunning butterfly wings. This piece is incredibly special to me and represents the transformative power of art and its ability to bring communities together.