Sarahi Goddess ~ Fine Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Fine Art Limited Edition Gilclée Art Prints.

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500 x 500 mm $380

750 x 750 mm $650

✨Sarahi Goddess✨

Sarahi is wearing a sabre-toothed tiger skull, native Australian flowers and monarch butterflies in her hair.

This painting celebrates life and death. Death not in a physical form but rather embracing the end of an old chapter.

Release and let go.

Dance away the shedding of the old skin to get ready for the new. Sarahi  represents finding our personal power. Keep your head up.

It’s a beautiful thing when Life has her way with us. When she filters out any old patterns / people that no longer serve our highest self / purpose.

Sarahi encourages us to get excited for the next page of the book we call life.

Mimby 🖤

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