About Mimby...

Mimby Jones Robinson is an dynamic Australian Artist specialising in large scale colourful wall murals, street art & original paintings.
Mimby's unique and vibrant artwork captures the essence of femininity, power and the natural world. From hand painted original paintings, fine art prints and home wares, her pieces are perfect for those seeking to add a pop of colour and personality to their home or business. 
Mimby's work is a reflection of her personal journey and experiences. Her pieces are not just visually stunning but also tell a story of empowerment and self-discovery. She believes that art has the power to heal and inspire and her creations are a testament to that. 
Mimby has been exhibiting her paintings and creating street art for over 10 years throughout the UK and Australia. Her street art and murals can be found in Melbourne's Hosier Laneway, Adelaide, Elizabeth, Sydney , New Zealand, Amsterdam and London. 
Whether you are wanting a vibrant wall mural, a contemporary original painting, fine art prints or her resin creations , Mimby's store has something for everyone. 
Explore her collections and bring a piece of her world into yours.
 Mimby currently lives in Melbourne, Australia painting art full time while studying her film degree and raising her beautiful son Cohen.