About Mimby

Mimby Jones Robinson is an Australian Artist, Mama & Creator who specialises in large scale colourful Goddess wall murals, street art, paintings and hand made ethical fashion. She currently lives in Melbourne creating art , raising her sun Cohen and completing her film & fashion degree. 
Mimby has been exhibiting her work though out the UK and Australia for the past 5 years. Her artwork has been featured alongside the top 40 Australian Street Artists in 2017 'Street Art Australia' Book, as well 2017 "Melbourne Street Art Guide' by Thames & Hudson. Mimby’s mural and artwork has been featured in Vexxed Art and Culture Magazine , French Arts and Culture Magazine Aesthetica, Melbourne blog Thirty Summers, SA Life , Glam Adelaide, Melb CBD News, Totally Wild Television show, Better Homes & Gardens, House Swap , Channel 9 and ABC Interviews..