O R I G I N A L   P A I N T I N G S
If you have been pondering about getting your very own one of a kind original painting for yourself, your loved one or your business then now is the time.
  Whether you would like a strong and powerful Goddess portrait, a painting of your darling pet or you may simply want something colourful and vibrant to adorn your walls?
Whatever the occasion Mimby can create a unique original painting that is perfectly customised for you, your home or your workplace.



What is the process we hear you ask?

 Step One: To get the ball rolling simply click on the link below and let Mimby know in a few words that you are interested in owning your very own custom original painting.

Step Two: Within 24 hours you will receive an email with Mimby’s *Commission Info Pack*. This info pack covers everything you need to know in regards to your new future painting. It covers canvas sizes, prices, waiting times, postage and all about Mimby’s beautiful and intimate painting process. We want to get to know you so we will be asking you a few questions too. These questions range from, What are your favourite songs, What are your favourite colours, flowers, what theme would you like, style, etc.

Step Three: Once you have filled out the questionnaire Mimby will be able to create your painting with a deeper understanding of what you would like for your home or business. Our favourite part of the painting process is working closely with you- our clients!

Step Four: Mimby will order your canvas and we will get started on your one of a kind original artwork.

Step Five: Once the painting is completed you will receive photos of the final pics. When you are happy then your painting will organised to be shipped out to you via courier or local drop off can be arranged if you live in Melbourne.

Step Six: You did it! You now own a one of a kind Mimby Jones Robinson original artwork!