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**2022 Commissions Open**

Hey lovers 

I’m now taking bookings for commissions and custom paintings for 2022. If you have been pondering about getting your own one of a kind custom Original Painting created by me for yourself or your loved one… then now is the time! **And…If you book before January 31st you’ll receive 10% off**.

It is an honour that over the years so many of you have chosen me to create art to celebrate the milestones in your life. To celebrate the new job, or being a new mum, moving into a new home , celebrating an anniversary of a relationship, the gift of family or the achievement of another lap around the sun..

What is the process I hear you ask?

Ok so …First you send me a DM or an email at art_mimby@yahoo.com.au letting me know you are interesting in getting your own beautiful custom painting.

I will then send you my *Commission Questionaire* for you to fill out. This questionnaire covers everything. What my prices are, waiting times, postage and all about my process. I will also ask you a few questions too. These questions will range from what is your favourite songs, your favourite colours , flowers, style etc. As well what you would like to feature in your painting.

Then once you have filled out the questionaire
I will have a deeper understanding of what you would like created.

My favourite part of my painting process is working closely with you, my clients.

Then I’ll order in your canvas and get started on creating your very own one of a kind original painting.

Once the painting is completed I will send you a photo of the completed painting and when you are happy I will add a sealant onto the painting. I then ship out your painting via courier ( or if you live in Melbourne I drop the painting off to you personally in my rainbow flower car ).

Then you have your very own one of a kind original painting!

So feel free to get in touch via DM or email art_mimby@yahoo.com.au to have a chat about how we can celebrate YOU on canvas.

Lots of love


**Afterpay Available