A few reactions from Mimby's clients after they have seen their original painting for the first time!

"omg I absolutely love it Thank you Thank you. She is so beautiful  "-Radhika,NSW

" Thank you, Mimby, What a beautiful painting! I love her eyes and hair , the sweet freckles and the jade and the flowers. Gorgeous colours" - Jane, SA

"Thank you Mimby. She is absolutely in love with it and so am I. It's perfect ! Thank you so much Mimby and for the extra gift for her. It is beautiful!" - Darcy,SA

"Wow Mim, she is beautiful and looks so strong and powerful. She will be perfect for my mum and give her strength. My sister said it brought a tear to her eye when she saw the butterfly xx She instills powers, sisterhood, protection and is just perfect!" Rachel , SA

"Thank you so much. It's gorgeous , you've done a beautiful job. Kim is going to love it. It's stunning" - Brendan, VIC