Adira Oceanic Queen of Coral ~ Hand Embellished Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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A D I R A - Oceanic Queen of Coral

‘A D I R A ‘ is the third of my original Ocean Goddess Series of paintings and represents the strength, power and grace that is found when we swim into the unknown. She holds a shell lovingly over her heart as it whispers to her the tales of the sea.

‘Adira my dear, The flow of life illuminates in you. As you throw another (stone to the bottom of the sea ) remember to not swim too fast that you do not relish the sweet nectar we call... Life. A feast of (the white wash ) awaits you my love. The magnificent coral dances around the waves in your hair as you blink and just like that. ... a fleeting moment of a (past lover )arises like a wild flower greeting the morning sun .. the crashing of the waves will swallow you whole darling. Revel. You are fearless and This is a blessing. Revel. In the tides. In the ebb and flow. In the (sweet and bitterness) of your own growth. Revel. In the softness and harsh reality of your wonderous world. Do not worry my dear, because The glow of the Creatures that migrate around you in their warm , blue pools will draw you up to the light. We may swim in the darkness but it is our hearts that navigate us to the surface of our true narrative . Allow that ship to entice , invite and pass into the glimmering sea. And remember if you are in doubt to always look up. For you will find the answers you are seeking. They are written just for you.. in the poetry of the watercolour sky..

 Love Mimby


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