Amara Goddess ~ Hand Signed Art Prints

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Amara Goddess 

Hand Embellished Art Prints

Limited edition Art prints ( 20 of each size ) available in sizes :

300 x 300 mm $150

400 x 400 mm $230

500 x 500 mm $380

750 x 750 mm $560

Amara Goddess and her companion the wild leopard are surrounded by monarch butterflies and large ferns in a lush green forest. Amara represents the wild spirit of the jungle and her leopard guide represents the feminine strength and ferocity.

Together they embody the perfect balance of grace and power.

The ferns surrounding them represent new beginnings and inner emotional growth. The monarch butterflies symbolise transformation and metamorphosis.

This painting was created to encourage the viewer to embrace their inner strength and intuition.

Trust your gut~ it never lies 🙌

Love Mim

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