Belle ~ Hand Signed Art Prints

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Limited Edition art prints available of beautiful Belle.

Belle is an underwater queen full of life and wonder. She is a reminder of the peace and calm that can be found in the Stormy weather.

The beauty in the simplicity to Breathe deeply into any situation.

To Inhale.

To Exhale.

There in the stillness will find your power.

To focus on your breath brings you back to the here and now. Stay present.

When our eyes are in the past ( looking into the dusty rear view mirror of things we can’t change ), This. This keeps you away from this wondrous heart space.

When we focus on the future too much it feeds the anxiety of the mysterious unknown.

Belle represents bravely stepping out of the deep and dark currents and finding the strength to swim again. To doggy paddle back into the natural flow of life.

This painting is essentially about never losing hope. Even in your darkest moments.

My mind tries to pull me into strange places. Some days it is a battle to stay afloat. Then now and again i find my flow and dance with her. In such a majestic manner that I feel the rhythm of life pulsating in every cell.

This painting represents finding the inner strength to put one foot in front of the other.

And if no one has told

I love you

Mimby xx