‘ Tayanna - Desert Dreamer ‘ Hand Signed Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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* Tayanna - Desert Dreamer*

Tayanna represents stepping into your power, finding your strength and holding grace within that sacred heart space.

She stands tall and proud as she looks out to the distance. Her mind dances between thoughts of the past /the present / and the future . The wind kisses her cheek and gently brings her back into the present moment. The cool breeze through her fingers reminds her that the only thing we truly have control of is this precious yet fleeting moment in time.

“Stay present “ she whispers.

Tayanna has a strong connection to the land, the mountains , the trees and the animals.

Every living thing she has encountered has braided itself into her being.

Her power is her story.

Our power are our stories.

A lone wolf is standing on a mountain howling to the moon to symbolise the act of bravery and the lessons found in taking chances. The full moon represents completion and the realisation of our desires.

Tayanna  symbolises a deep connection to always trust our instincts.