‘PEARL - Whale Whisperer ‘ Hand Signed Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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A Limited Edition of Hand signed Art Prints ( 20 only ) are now available to purchase of the majestic ‘Pearl - Whale Whisperer’. 

Mimby will be adding beautiful hand  embellished gold leaf to each limited edition art print so it will sparkle and shine just like the original.  

Pearl swims to the bottom of the  ocean as the sea creatures gather around her once more.
She asks the Whales inquisitively, “My wondrous friends , how will I know If I will ever see you again?“
They  whispered harmoniously in song

“Our darling Pearl.

Our love for you is like the cycles of a The vessel of life.

As long as the moon shall shine on the surface of the sea and the tide will rise again  and again ..so shall our friendship.. one way or another you will see us again” 


Thank you for resonating with  Pearl ! 

im adding gold leaf onto the prints so they may take a little longer for delivery 


Love Mimby