Sara Spring Goddess ~ Hand Embellished Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Hand embellished Art Print with gold leaf & ink.

Limited edition Art prints ( 20 of each size ) available in sizes :

A4 (200 x 287 mm) $150

A3  (287 x 410mm) $200

A2 (410 x 584mm) $380

A1  (584 x 831mm) $550

A0  (841 x 1180mm) $700

Sarah ~ Spring Goddess is the first of my ‘Seasons Goddess Series’.

Sara represents the season of new beginnings, awakenings and coming out of hibernation. As Mother Earth springs to life she encouraged us to embrace and revel in our own spiritual, emotional and physical rebirth. As the flowers open and bloom they gently remind us to allow our hearts and minds to do the same.

This painting symbolises leaving behind old patterns that no longer serve us as well as being brave enough to dive head / heart first into new beginnings. The bumble bees remind us that it’s ok to stop and smell the glorious blooming flowers. The honey comb represents the heart chakra and enjoying the sweetness of life.

From my heART to yours

Mimby 💙

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