‘Shanakai’ - Hand Signed Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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🌊 ‘Shanakai- Dancer of Waves’ 🌊

Beautiful limited edition Art prints are now availl Lo able to purchase. Every print is lovingly hand embellished with gold leaf to make sure your print shimmer  and shines like a treasure in the ocean . 

‘Shanakai’ is an ocean explorer with a curious soul and a dancing heart. She has the strength of a tsunami inside of her mermaids tail. She is guided by the moon and the stars to show her what direction to take for her next adventure.

This Ocean Mermaid Queen stepped into her highest power the moment she stepped into the deepest waters.

Orcas can be heard singing in the distance as she swims through a playground of unexplored caves and sunken ships. The singing star fish pirouette around her as they guide her up , up , up to the surface once again.

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