Sienna Goddess ~ Fine Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Fine Art Limited Edition Gilclée Art Prints.

Available in sizes :

A4 (200 x 287 mm) $150

A3  (287 x 410mm) $220

A2 (410 x 584mm) $400

A1  (584 x 831mm) $650

A0  (841 x 1189mm) $850

 S I E N N N A 

This beautiful botanical Queen is adorned in honey comb and Bees. Not only do the bees create perfectly structured hexagon honey comb, their eyes are encoded in the shape of this gorgeous tessellation too.

The gentle honey bees sit lovingly on Siennas face and encourages the viewer to take time to enjoy the sweet nectar of life. They sing songs of sunshine while creating their small yet significant vessels of life.

The bee is a spiritual traveler and a hard worker so they remind us that there is power found when we stop, reflect and take our time to smell the fresh pollinated flowers. They are also strong protectors and represent community and team work.

Mim 🐝

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