The Sisters Wall Mural

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Sisters Goddess Wall Mural

Location : The Bakers Wife

Camberwell, Victoria 

Introducing a stunning wall mural that I completed for the Baker's Wife Cafe. This piece is a true statement for the cafe featuring three unique and separate heads joined as one representing the three daughters of the cafe owners Bejan and Dora.

Notably, each of the three Sister Goddesses has different coloured eyes that represent each daughter adding a special and unique touch to the mural. As an artist I love incorporating these kinds of details that represent each client, making each mural one-of-a-kind and personal.

The mural is a beautiful representation of the strength and bond of the daughters showcasing how different individuals can be connected by sisterhood. Each goddess is painted in its own unique style, with distinctive features and expressions, yet they come together perfectly, creating a powerful and cohesive piece.

This mural is sure to capture the attention of anyone who enters the cafe, serving as a testament to the cafe's commitment to community and family. It was an honour to work on this project and bring the vision of the Baker's Wife Cafe to life through my art.

If you're ever in the Camberwell area I highly recommend you stop by the cafe and see this beautiful mural in person.