Virgo Goddess ~ Original Painting 64 x 64 cm

Mimby Jones Robinson

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🌟 V I R G O Goddess 🌟

Original Painting

64 x 64 cm


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This stunning artwork comes beautifully framed & ready to hang in your home.


Peacock feathers feature in the goddess' hair to represent good luck & abundance. The wheat and feathers also symbolise prosperity and freedom. Her green hair cascading into fluffy purple clouds in the night sky represents loyalty and balance.

The clouds in the goddess' hair represent her connection to her intuition as well as her ability to bring clarity and understanding to those around her.


On the left side of the artwork you'll see a  Virgo constellation shining brightly in the sky.


I'm so proud of this piece and I can't wait for it to find its new home.


Love Mim