Zeta & The Sunset Owl ~ Hand Embellished Art Print

Mimby Jones Robinson

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Fine Art Limited Edition Gilclée Art Prints. These beauties are hand embellished with ink and printed on 100% Cotton Rag 308gsm. This museum-grade paper provides deep blacks, excellent image sharpness and optimum colour graduation . *Free Shipping Aus Wide*

Limited edition Art prints ( 20 of each size ) available in sizes :

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 Zeta & The Sunset Owl

‘Zeta’ was created to remind us of the power we can have we when we own our story.

As the sun set down over the hills once again the wise, old owl whispered to Zeta, “My precious Z, you did the best you could with what you knew. Owning your story is the most powerful thing you can do. It’s one of the most unique parts about you”. Zeta nodded her head and asked the Owl “Why should I create my art dear Owl? Some say it has ALL been done before?”. The Owl looked out to the horizon as the last rays of the sun danced on the face of his friend. He lovingly stroked Zeta’s cheek with one ruffled feather. He explained with the assurance and wisdom of the ages in his tone…

“My darling Zeta, this you must know…If you create anything from A heART space of authenticity and truth you will automatically open the door to walking a path not yet seen. This is what makes you unique my darling. Speaking your truth is what makes you as special as the stars and as powerful as the sun”.

Zeta felt a sigh of relief as the truth of Owl’s words cut through her self doubt like a knife. Zeta knew what she had to do as she pulled out her brushes and watched the magnificent paint drip and drop off the canvas once again.  

Love Mimby


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